Oakbank Joinery Pty Ltd

In these times of Economic crisis, you often wonder as you lay out lots of money for bills month after month – where can you tighten your belt. Insurances – personal income protection, Trauma, life – are things that feel like they cost us a small fortune. As the years past you feel like there is no real personal gain in having it other than the peace of mind, knowing its there just in case. Then a day arises and you need it and your peace of mind get confused with questions – fearing the unknown.

Yeah I have protection but will it come through? How complicated will the forms be? Is it enough?

I made a phone call to CCA Fp. I was instantly reassured by Chris and his staff who personally took over our case and mediated between us and OnePath.

OnePath investigated our claim. At first they had a few differences about when our claim should start but as soon as they were ironed out by CCA we had no trouble with payments. There are so many benefits in having a professional Insurance broker you can trust – their experience in dealing with claims, to make it as easy and efficient as possible for us their ‘Client’. Chris and his team have been superb – standing by their word – finding a competitive insurance policy that you can trust in and helping you through the process of claiming.

Thank you.

Domenic & Marie Baldassarro