Through our experience, we understand how insurance companies handle claims. Therefore, we are best placed to assist you to accelerate the evaluation of any claim you may need to make.

We have found through experience that all legitimate claims are resolved once a formal letter is sent to the insurer.

CCA Financial Planners provide you with a dedicated client support manager to facilitate the progress of any possible claim – from lodgement, to payment of benefits. We will provide the following service standards:

Priority Service Standards

Priority Claim ServiceIdeal Delivery TimeMaximumDescription Of Service
Assist you in the completion of a claim form – on siteSame day as notifiedWithin 3 working days from eventAll claims are handled as a priority. We understand as most do that our services are most important in the unfortunate event of a claim occurring. We will arrange to visit the staff member or their family immediately after receiving notification of a claim.
Book necessary appointments with your Doctor/sSame day as notifiedNext Business DayDepending on the type of claim doctor’s appointments will be necessary. We will assist in ensuring that these appointments are made at the earliest possible date.
Fast track your Doctors completion of medical history or report on current medical conditionCall every 3 daysNext Business DayWrite to Health Insurance Commission to fast track the location of past Doctors.

Doctor’s reports will also be necessary in the event of a claim. In many cases these can take some time. We continually contact the doctor’s office to ensure these are completed quickly and ensure they understand the importance of these reports being completed.
Liaise with underwriters and claims staffConstantly throughout claimNext Business DayConstantly liaising with claims staff and underwriters at the insurance company gives us a good understanding of the progress of the claim and what is required.

We are the direct contact point for the client in the event of a claim so it is important that we are aware of the status of their claim so that we can answer their queries promptly.
Liaise with your Accountant confirming your financialsSame day as notifiedNext Business DayIn the event of an Income Protection claim, it may be necessary to get financial documents from accountants to verify the amounts of the monthly benefit. We will assist in getting these from the client’s accountant and ensuring that they are provided to the claims staff.

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Talk to the CCA Financial Planners team today!

Give Us a Call | 1800 668 525 | Consultants Online to Help. 8:00am – 8:00pm, 7 Days a week.

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