Trish S
December 2021

This was our first session with Marcello having been with CCA for a few years and we were a little uneasy with the changeover from Chris.

We appreciated his professionalism and knowledge of our portfolio. Thank you for providing continued confidence with your services.”

Amy Monet
September 2021

Thanks Marcello

You have been excellent to deal with and I would recommend you to anyone.

Thank you

Thank you

TONY GORMLEY | Managing Director Metro Air (Vic) PTY LTD
August 2021

Hi Chris,

Hope you and the family are well.

Can I just say that we couldn’t be happier with the service we have been getting from Ongoing dealings with yourself, Luke, Samantha & Marcello and their extensive knowledge in their chosen fields. It is a credit to CCA to have such passionate employees that create a personal relationship with their clients.

Kristy Pont
August 2021

CCA financial planners have changed my future! I can now say with CCA guidance I am creating wealth and foundations for a prosperous future, skills my childhood and education left me lacking. I’m truly grateful to Marcello and the CCA team for continuous support, understanding and for ensuring my financial security. Kristy Pont 32years

Margaret Baker
April 2021

Hi Marcello,

Gordon and I would like to thank you very much for your careful handling of our finances. It was great to hear that with you advice, you have been able to demonstrate the our funds will last longer.

It was very astute of you to suggest investing that lazy money we had sitting in our savings account. We can certainly see that this has been a great improvement.

Once again, thank you Marcello for your good advice and care and look forward to catching up soon.

Anne & Clem Rogers
April 2021

We are very appreciative of the comprehensive research that has been carried out on our investments.

We are also appreciative of the various suggestions made to improve our overall financial situation.

For some years CCA has guided us to a very happy retirement.

Paul & Rhonda De Lisle
October 2020

I have found Chris and Adam and the team at CCA financial planners to be very helpful regarding my financial situation, they are professional in every way and have given us great advice over a long period of time, I would recommend them to anyone looking at there financial future.

CCAfp Client – Anna
September 2020

Marcello was wonderful, made the process of comparing quotes and applying for insurance very easy. He took the time to ensure that I understood all aspects of the process. I now have piece of mind that me and my family are looked after.

David Abram – Key Accountants Pty Ltd
August 2020

Dear Marcello,

We are writing to pass on our sincere thanks for all your work in setting up our life insurance and income protection policies. No one expects to be faced with a serious illness diagnosis in their 30s and the requirement to examine your financial future in a completely different light. You quickly and efficiently identified our financial requirements and found us a range of high quality insurance products that would ensure our family’s financial security into the future. We greatly appreciated your ongoing communication and commitment to assist us should we ever need to claim on our policies in the future. We are extremely grateful for your service.

Best wishes

Rebecca Bennett
July 2018

Thank you for your email Zafar.

Thanks to you and the whole CCA team for helping us set everything up. We have had a great experience and everyone was so helpful. We will be sure to refer friends and family to you in the future.

We’ll be in touch if needed or will see you in May next year.

John Cardamone
May 2018

CCA Fp assisted me throughout my claim, I found Chris and David in particular to be helpful assuring me along what was almost a stressful period (whilst the Insurance company investigated my claim) that I would get the claim paid. Initially the company declined my claim, believing I was fraudulent. CCA Fp negotiated with the company and had my claim paid whilst I was still in hospital and not aware of what was going on. I have no hesitation in recommending CCA Fp.

Anthony Bennett
May 2018

To Marcello, Chris and Team,

Thank you for all your hard work!

Marcello you really have looked after me, following up every detail and making sure my claim process ran smoothly.

It’s been a financially difficult time due to the injury so I’m really glad to see the value in the income protection you provided and the premiums we’ve paid.

Chris, you’ve built a strong team of staff and associates, co-ordinating flawlessly with Butler C.A., your brokers and lenders. I look forward to a long and prosperous future working with you to build my family’s financial future through our various projects.

I hope to be getting back to work as soon as possible and look forward to seeing you soon.

Melanie Humphrey and Jarrod Hibberd
April 2018

Our first contact with Marcello was through Butlers Chartered Accountants, Ballarat.
Communication from the start was friendly, understanding and patient.
We have time constraints that come with running a trade business and a large family, Marcello was always understanding and patient with our response time.
With our insurance application, Marcello was always highly proficient, excellent at presenting quality products that was best tailored to our situation and needs.
The process for us was flawless and when the time came to making a claim, we were in strong capable hands and relived of all the stress for what could have been a far more serious situation had we not had income protection.

The entire process, from application to claim, has been uncomplicated. We have been able to continue run our business and family household whilst we recover from injury.

We hope to continue our business relationship with Marcello and staff long into the future.

Cvet Kuzmanovski
August 2017

Unfortunately my claim with the insurer did not go as smoothly as we would have liked during a very difficult time. However after speaking with Cameron from CCA Financial Brokers and seeking his Brokers and seeking his assistance I felt a lot more reassured that someone was on my side. He was always available to answer any concerns or to just listen to my story.

Through his persistence and industry knowledge the final outcome was very favourable. I appreciated his patience, professionalism and overall effort to get the claim back on track.

Krsto Majstorovic
August 2017

CCA FP assisted me throughout my claim, I found Chris and David to be helpful assuring I reach a resolution to my claim. During the process I had great communication of the progress of each stage.

Ally Wardlow
January 2017

Thank you for taking my call today, and apologies for catching you while you had another call waiting!

As mentioned, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team at CCA Financial Planners for your recent donation to our Livelihoods and Economic Empowerment program! As mentioned, last year World Vision was able to grant over 1 million loans to families with small businesses – 73% of those being to women – to help them start and grow their businesses, improve resilience, and increase their incomes in order to better support their families and children. In the financial planning industry, I’m sure this is something you can fully appreciate, and this is an achievement that is only made possible through the support of donors like you – so thank you so much for partnering with us in creating such life-changing impact!

Below is a brief video illustrating the difference you are helping World Vision to achieve in the lives of small business owners and their families through your support the Livelihoods program:

Thank you again for your continued partnership with World Vision over the past 11 years! Your generosity is truly helping to transform many lives.

As mentioned, I will be your primary point of contact at World Vision moving forward! Please feel free to retain my contact details, and reach out to me directly any time should you have any queries or wish to learn more about our programs – and likewise, I will remain in touch! 🙂

Stephan Schuliga
December 2016

To Chris & staff. Many thanks for all the help this year. Special thanks to Meagan. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Regards Stephan Schuliga.

Russell Price
8th May 2016

In 2014 a biopsy identified a small amount of cancer. I thought nothing of it.

In a review of my insurances with Chris, I mentioned it. He asked me for the pathology report. Several times.

When I finally gave it to him, he submitted to my insurers who advised that, prima facie, it was claimable under my trauma policies.

Chris and his team worked tirelessly on the claim, dealing with two insurers and several doctors to have the claims paid.

As a bonus, he also identified that I could also claim under my income protection policy!

I cannot recommend Chris and his team highly enough for getting me to claim in the first place, and for their professionalism and persistence in managing my claim.

Mark Filippone
4th March 2014

An injury in itself is a painful and stressful situation. Especially when you are trying to support a young family. But when your own insurance company tries to deny your income protection claim and your entitlements your stress levels go through the roof!

Thanks to my adviser Christopher Cachia who quickly pointed out that he would get this claim sorted which calmed me down immensely. Chris assured me he would help and he took over my claim and liaised with the insurer on my behalf confirming and getting the insurer to accept their liability for a full 100% payout of my entitlements and benefits.

As such my stress levels reduced considerably and I could go on to concentrate my efforts in getting my health in order.

Thanks Chris for your effort’s. I would gladly recommend Chris and his team at CCA Fp to anyone.

Mr Domenic Baldassarro
15 March 2012

Oakbank Joinery Pty Ltd

In these times of Economic crisis, you often wonder as you lay out lots of money for bills month after month – where can you tighten your belt. Insurances – personal income protection, Trauma, life – are things that feel like they cost us a small fortune. As the years past you feel like there is no real personal gain in having it other than the peace of mind, knowing its there just in case. Then a day arises and you need it and your peace of mind get confused with questions – fearing the unknown.

Yeah I have protection but will it come through? How complicated will the forms be? Is it enough?

I made a phone call to CCA Fp. I was instantly reassured by Chris and his staff who personally took over our case and mediated between us and OnePath.

OnePath investigated our claim. At first they had a few differences about when our claim should start but as soon as they were ironed out by CCA we had no trouble with payments. There are so many benefits in having a professional Insurance broker you can trust – their experience in dealing with claims, to make it as easy and efficient as possible for us their ‘Client’. Chris and his team have been superb – standing by their word – finding a competitive insurance policy that you can trust in and helping you through the process of claiming.

Thank you.

Domenic & Marie Baldassarro

Mr Michael Jacobs
June 2011

McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd

CCA were easy to approach and always happy to spend the time educating me about the product I was researching.

Mr. Michael Jacobs

Mr Charlie Grech
June 2011

My firm has been using CCA Financial Planners as our Life Insurance advisor for the last 20 years and in that time I have found Chris and his team to be very helpful providing practical and sound advice. In fact I was particularly pleased at how the team handle my Income Protection Insurance claim. From the moment I called to the lodgement of my income insurance claim they helped with all the paper work and liaised with the insurance company on my behalf. I didn’t have to worry about anything – other than getting better!

I have no hesitation in recommending the team at CCA for your Life Insurance and Income Insurance advice. Thanks Chris for all you help.

Keep up the great work!

Mr. Charlie Grech

Mr Sundip Ghedia
January 2011


The service I received from CCA was outstanding. Charlie was patient, tenacious and efficient.

Mr. Sundip Ghedia

Ms Dianne Drury
October 2010

Traffic Authority – Clerical Administration

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful customer service that the CCA team have provided me each time I have needed it.
From the start, Mary, Ryna & Charlie you have gone out of your way to make obtaining insurance painless.
Recently when I had to make a claim on my income protection I was feeling very overwhelmed but Ryna and Mary took control and helped me with the process.

To interact with a real person that is always cheerful is a customers dream with a real person that is always cheerful is a customers dream with all of you always punctual in returning calls.

I look forward to your continued great service for many years to come.

Ms Dianne Drury

Mr John Dowling
December 2009

Field Force – Building Inspector

Thanks Belinda for your excellent advice and products…You have made complicated insurance decisions extremely easy, compared to other advisers we have dealt with.

I’m blown away by how easy you have made this for me and your friendly and obliging manner is a breath of fresh air compared to my various past conversations with other insurance contacts.

You are excellent at what you do, its a shame there aren’t more advisers like you!

Mr John Dowling

Mr Joseph Korbel
November 2009

Abey Australia – Tool Maker

CCA Financial Planners assisted me throughout my claim. I found Chris in particular to be helpful assuring me along what was an almost stressful period (whilst the insurance company investigated my claim) that he would get the claim paid.

Thank you for your sensational service. You are brilliant!

Joseph Korbel

Joseph Korbel with CCAFP Team

Joseph Korbel with CCAFP Team

Mr Charlie Borg
June 2009

Borg Brothers – Manager

CCA Financial Planners helped me to choose insurance that was right for me.

Chris and his staff assisted me with my claim and I was happy with the outcome.

Charlie Borg

Mr Neil Prendergast
May 2009

Prendergast Plumbing – Director

Sincere thanks to CCA Financial Planners for their support & caring attitude they showed me during a very emotional and trying time.
It was refreshing to know somebody was taking care of our financial matters while I was dealing with the death of my wife.

Neil Prendergast

Mr Richard Holland
May 2009

Ladiv Pty Ltd – Business Consultant

CCA FP assisted me greatly throughout a difficult and drawn out claim. The fact the claim was drawn out had nothing to do with CCA. They and in particular Stephanie Farrar, CCA’s Client Service Manager, was able to bring the claim to a satisfactory conclusion.
Stephanie demonstrated a great deal of persistence, professionalism and knowledge of risk insurance matters.
I would also like to thank Chris Cachia for his advice during what was a difficult and stressful period.

Richard Holland

Mr Albert Ellul
September 2008

Valley Maintenance – Cabinet Maker

Hi Chris

Just a short note to say thank you for all your help not only getting me insured but making my Total disability claim a fuss free process.

Words really can’t describe what you have done for me, not only getting a lump sum payment organized when I forgot I was even insured. Just one phone call form my employer to advise of my accident and you guys just went to work to organize my lump sum.

I am writing my story so you can use my unfortunate event to tell other people that they too should get insured, and what a fuss free way of doing it – all my premiums were paid by my super fund.

The value of your advice to me was priceless, I have no hesitation recommending the team at CCA Financial Planners but a special thanks goes to Chris and Hayden.

Albert Ellul

Mr Dusko Tomas
May 2008

Tomas & Tomas – Managing Director

CCA FP have been fantastic. I can’t recommend Chris & his team higher.

My claim started in May 2003 when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My income protection policy kicked in after the one month waiting period and I have had no problems with any payments. In the past 48 months I have been unable to work for, 28 of those months I have had income protection for all of the time I was off. During this time Chris and his staff would contact me to make sure all is well.

Before I became ill, I was a health & fitness fanatic with a resting heart of 49 bpm. Who would of thought that I would be ill. It can really happen to anybody.

Thank god I had something.

Dusko Tomas

Mr Anthony Ho
April 2008

L.U. Simon Builders Pty Ltd – Planning Manager

Our company uses CCA FP as our corporate super advisor. All members of our company have nothing but appreciation for CCA FP.

We always get quick attention and service to our queries on matters relating to financial planning and on super regulations. Requests to roll over funds or to print out interim statements were always carried out promptly.

It is refreshing to see old fashion service and values being delivered by our advisors, CCA FP.

Anthony Ho

Mr David Irvine
January 2008

Logiworks Partners – Manager

Chris has been extremely helpful over the past 5 years continually following me up to ensure the products and service are aligned to my needs.

A recent example that completely amazed me was how after a brief discussion on health issues, Chris immediately identified a clause in my policy that allowed me to successfully claim a significant financial amount. A total surprise!

David Irvine

Mr Gwen Allen
July 2007

Mirconite Film Productions – Director

Initially when Chris Cachia took over our portfolio, he arranged to meet with us and we were very impressed with his extensive knowledge of his business and what options were open for us. Chris had several very constructive suggestions for our business which we adopted over time.

Over the years CCA have reviewed our insurance policies and kept abreast of what was the most suitable policies for our needs and ensured that we have the best policies. It was always reassuring knowing that someone was keeping track of it all, as we didn’t have the time or the inclination to constantly do this.

Last year we needed to use our Business Expenses and Personal Income insurance due to an illness of one of the directors. This was an exceedingly stressful time and it was a great relief to be able to call CCA to assist with the process of claiming.

Chris was tremendous, he worked through it all with us patiently and made it much easier for us, as the paperwork can be quite daunting and confusing. Chris did this for us without adding more stress to the situation. CCA lodged the claims and henceforth we have been dealing directly with the insurance company, but Chris has kept in touch to ensure we are OK.

We have no hesitation in referring CCA’s services to anyone who wants to ensure they are getting the best financial advice and insurance protection.

Gwen Allen

Mr Wei Zhu
June 2007

Alloy Welding Services – Director

Dear Chris and Stephanie,

I wanted to express my gratitude for all your assistance with my disability claim. Your experience and knowledge in the field of disability claims process and making sure the necessary information was provided to the insurance company was invaluable.

You successfully helped guide me through the paperwork and claims process – educating me from the beginning on what needed to be done with my claim. You have been there every step of the way and your genuine care and passion for your business is so obvious and greatly appreciated.

I would be happy to whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Wei Zhu

Mr Anthony Cook
May 2007

Electromold Pty Ltd – Director

I would like to take this opportunity to send my sincerest thanks to you both for all of your assistance in regards to my recent accident and the related claim.

I have been very lucky so far in life that I have not needed to use any insurance, even the ones that you have so adequately arranged, however November’s accident was a whole different story.

I will never again complain about paying for insurance, although I do not ever want to be in that position to make a claim again. I can however rest easy knowing that if anything happens to me (god forbid) that both my family and I are covered and will be financially stable, taking a lot of pressure off a very stressful time.

Chris, thank you for taking the time initially to go through our needs and supply me with the best, and correct coverage that would suit my needs. Also your and Sarah’s support, concern and assistance in helping obtain the claim was fantastic and made an utterly “shitty” experience a whole lot easier to handle. I can not believe how easy the claim process was, so thanks again.

At times your job would be a thankless one and it is only when someone has a problem that you end up showing what you are really worth. So take it from me that you do a fantastic job and from day one you were very professional and totally accurate in regards to my requirements. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and an honour to be your client.

Once again thank very much,


Anthony Cook

Mr Paul Speirs
August 2006

Hydraulink Fluid Connectors Pty Ltd – Director

My past adviser simply sold me a product and didn’t review my policies for years, after changing advisers to CCA FP we have found that each year our insurance’s are shopped around for the best deal, my firm has saved thousands.

Paul Speirs

Mr Daniel Rep
August 2006


It was always refreshing to have a broker who is willing to change insurance companies to save me money!! Keep up the good work!!!

Daniel Rep

Mr Theo Franken
August 2006

Theo Franken Pty Ltd – Chartered Accountant

Chris Cachia has advised us on all our life, trauma and income protection insurance matters for several years now and have found that he has always been conscientiously dedicated to finding the most cost effective insurance to meet our needs.

Furthermore, in running an accounting practice I have referred several of my clients to him because of my confidence and trust that he will also provide the same high level of service to them in listening and attending to their needs.

Theo Franken

Mr Keith Harberger
August 2006

Harberger Farm Supplies Pty Ltd – Director

We have used CCA FP for some time now and have found Chris very competent and reliable on every occasion.

His knowledge on insurance and financial matters seems vast and he gives sound advice when required.

His attention to detail and prompt service to our requests is refreshing to see.

We therefore have no hesitation in recommending CCA FP.

Keith Harberger

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Talk to the CCA Financial Planners team today!

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