Child cover provides financial help to families if a child falls critically ill or worse, if they pass away.  It’s a thought no one wants to entertain, however sadly 200,000 children in Australia fall critically ill each year.

From as little as $1.08 a month, CommInsure Child Cover gives you financial peace of mind.

Benefits for families

  • able to seek the best in treatment and care that money can buy
  • pays the other ‘gap’ in medical bills
  • financial choice to take time off work
  • pays transportation costs and accommodation costs if treatment is some distance from the family home
  • pays any modifications to home and/or necessary equipment required for child’s rehabilitation

The offer

  • For a short time only, when a customer takes out Child Cover, we will give them the first year of cover for free – that’s worth up to $300 per child insured
  • Offer available until 31 March 2014


  • Only for new customers – i.e. existing parent cover but new child cover component.
  • Only on standard cases (no loadings or exclusions).
  • Commissions – commission for the free child cover payable on renewal in the second year.
  • Can be used in conjunction with flexi-linked policies on standard (non-linked) TCP policies.