Features and Benefits of Real Income Protection ( an overview)

 Falling behind bills or the inability to provide for daily needs could slow your recovery should you get sick or become injured and can’t work for a given period of time. With income protection insurance in place, you can stop worrying about regular income and focus instead on your recovery.

·         Monthly Income Benefit

You can be paid a benefit of up to 75% or up to $10,000 of your regular income per month or a benefit amount that you deem fit within a budget. This may be increased or decreased at any time.

·         Dependable Investment

With a sure investment to secure your finances while out of work, you can rest assured that your family is taken care of as you recover.

·         Easy on the Pocket

Income protection premiums are within your means and they are tax deductible too.


·         Customisable

Premium payments may be customized, at no cost, to your chosen schedule: fortnightly, monthly or yearly. You may also select the benefit period and waiting period.

·         Bonuses

 A policy held for over 12 months entitles you to a loyalty bonus of 10% of the premiums paid.

 ·         Part-time Job Cover

 You may get coverage for part-time job of at least 20 hours a week and have held for 12 months prior to coverage.

Non-primary income earners or home-based parents may also take on a cover through the benefit of homemaker insurance. Children may also be entitled to receive benefits should they suffer a defined illness or injury by adding children’s insurance option into your insurance policy. Rehabilitation benefits may also be included to cover recovery costs or customized a cover to ease financial difficulties in case of death of the insured.

Income Protection Made Easier

If you are a resident of Australia, aged between 18 to 59 and works for at least 20 hours weekly for a year now, you may be eligible forincome protection cover. A financial expert or a personal claims agent can help you through the process.