Our society has become used to everything being “quick and easy”.

Unfortunately, that can also apply to the process of insuring your income and your financial well being.

Many people that have taken insurance via on-line or telephone sales people have unfortunately found that they were not covered when the time came to claim.

The advertisements invariably say “no medical questions, quick and easy” and this often compromise the objective ie to protect your future.

When you insure your car, you must declare any recent accidents, claims, and driving offences.  If you don’t then the insurance company probably will not pay out on a subsequent accident.

The same concept applies to income protection and life insurance.

If companies do not ask you about your health in some detail at the time you take out the policy then you will need to go to go through the underwriting process when you claim and your claim may not be paid.

Consequently, it is smart to apply for your personal insurance cover through a qualified, experienced financial adviser that has your best interests as their number one priority.  They will gain an understanding of your current circumstances and goals and then using their industry knowledge compare all good insurance companies and policies on your behalf.

In most cases this will ensure you get the right cover for you at the right price.

The Adviser will also make sure that your policies are structured tax effectively to maximise your tax deductions and minimise your net cost.

Developing a relationship with your Adviser comes in handy when you need to make a claim. If you are diagnosed with a condition, you can simply call your Adviser and talk to that person directly. If you buy online you might have to spend time contacting a random Call Centre to get answers.

When you shop online, you’ll have to remember to read all of the fine print. You’ll need to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying, and you’ll be responsible for digging that information out.  Our Advisers do the research and can explain the policy to you face to face. Some online companies may even sell your private information to other companies that want to sell you products. You will need to read the disclosure statements carefully to ensure you know how your information will be used.

Your professional financial planner should help you clarify

  • Your key values and tangible goals
  • The most appropriate strategy to help you achieve what is important in your life
  • A quality Super and Investment portfolio
  • Smart debt strategies and insurance cover to protect you and your family

We urge you to review your Insurances to make sure you are covered should you need to make a claim.