With rising uncertainties of life it has become important to create proper backup that helps during the time of crisis such as death, sickness or long term injury. Financial planning is essential to sustain life during the times of crisis. Life insurance forms an important part of financial planning. A proper life term insurance covers all the financial aspects and helps in repaying an outstanding debt or a personal loan. Insurance in Australia basically derives from superannuation funds. More than 70 percent of the life insurances are brought through these funds and the rest are derived from private companies. There are some differences between buying insurance policies from super funds than from private companies. It is always better to check the kind and source of the insurance provided before purchasing them.

Some important things which are to be considered before buying insurance are discussed here. Cheaper plans and one which provide maximum coverage are usually selected. If you are looking for the stand alone policies then you pay lower premium and get what you invest in the plan. Secondly look for plans which provide full protection tax free. Plans derived through the superannuation funds do not cover trauma insurance which again is beneficial as you do not have to follow any condition or pay extra as laid by the provider. The cost is the major deciding factor for any insurance plan. This is one of the factors which decided whether to invest in a plan or not. Therefore selecting the life insurance plan as per need and budget is important.

There are four basic type of insurance coverage available in Australia. These are the life term insurance, total and permanent disability coverage, income protection coverage and trauma cover. The life term insurance is the main insurance available in this country. Life insurance of this type is set for a certain term which is usually 99 years. Total and permanent disability covers the inability of a person to earn and sustain livelihood. Income protection and trauma cover are the types which provide relief from financial difficulties depending on need through payout to the insurer of these life insurance plans.


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