AIA Life announces the following range of updates to help clients purchase insurance within super.

Purchasing income protection insurance is made easy through appropriate cover level payments through superannuation. This means greater insurance purchase flexibility for clients.

  •  Self-employed individuals representing the biggest percentage in growth opportunity will benefit.
  •  Employees without employer superannuation support need no longer struggle in claiming personal contributions for tax deductions.
  •  Clients’ concerns relative to cash flow and taxation will be better addressed by their financial advisers.

Crisis recovery benefit definitions were also upgraded.

  •  Improved cancer early detection strategies.
  •  Amended heart attack (regardless of severity) recovery costs to ease payment uncertainties.

The income protection range also takes care of:

  •  Terminal illnesses
  •  Cardiac arrest benefits covering both intensive care and out-patient benefits.
  •   Extended cosmetic surgery benefit for all income protection policies.

The most notable point in these upgrades is that there are no increases in AIA life insurance premiums.

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