The number of women becoming afflicted with breast cancer is increasing with 14,509 new cases seen this year, 800 of which are women below 40.

The Breast Cancer Awareness month of October marked the partnership between financial advisers and Asteron Life and launched Asteron Life Complete. This is to provide the best cover for women undergoing treatments.

The Asteron Life Complete Advantage

  • Full payment for breast cancer classified as invasive; payable in most cancer definitions. Distinction may apply during Carcinoma in Situ of the Breast – an early stage of the diagnosis.
  • Full payment payable on full mastectomy and even on less invasive surgery such as lumpectomy that includes post-surgery treatments.
  • Partial payment entitlement of 20% of up to $100,000 insurance in case no treatment is required or during CIS of the female organs.

Under the program, partial payments are another advantage when early stage of cervical cancer is detected or when diagnosed at CIN3.

Other trauma insurance conditions for female clients may also get covered. Under the Trauma Booster Options, the partial benefit payable to 40% of the sum insured capped at $200,000 may be doubled.

Talk to your adviser for further information and help. It pays to be aware.

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