Australia has woken up the economic instability in the wake of the entire world suffering from recession. There is a sudden surge to introduce insurance plans, especially life insurance, health insurance and general insurance. The idea is to get people tuned into hedging risks by making small investments towards insurance policies which will save the day in future.  Australia has remained not quite cut off from this economic tool and has seen the benefits for the country as much as over a century ago. All insurance talks about is decreasing the risk of financial loss in case of any emergency, be it life, health issues or general covers. Some companies have made a foray in this and also established themselves well in Australia.

MFB Australia is one of the foremost and well established insurance companies in Australia. Their legacy dates back to 60 years in looking after life insurance and other variants for the countrymen of Australia.  They are one of the front runners in making this tool available to many in the country. MFB has a wide array of packages that involves life insurance, health insurance, general insurance and other variants. Their forte certainly lies in the extent of their network. The company enjoys a large network and are able to reach out to more and more people in the continent.

Another company that has made a mark in the field of life insurance in Australia is Asteron.  Not only are they known to be as stalwarts of the industry for being present for more than 175 years, they also specialise in life insurance per say. They were established in 1883 and have, ever since, held the baton on providing quality life insurance packages to individuals. Having held a credible position in the industry, Asteron have given consistent performance to so many in the country, that they can reckon with this name for trust and reliability where insurance is concerned.

The third name that comes to the mind is a company called Gio Australia. They are present in Victoria as well as Queensland and were established in 1992. Though life insurance is their main business, they also provide health and general security for the Australian market.


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