Are you about to start a family? If you are an expecting a baby and planning to go back to work within 12 months of the birth of your child, there is a new income protection product available that could help to safeguard the future of your growing family.

Income protection insurance is a valuable form of financial protection that can provide regular payments to you in the event of an illness or disability that prevents you from working. Having income protection insurance is useful for everyone but particularly if you are a working parent who has others relying on your wage. If you have a baby on the way and don’t currently have income protection insurance, now is a good time to start thinking about it.

Previously, taking time off work to have a baby has meant the risk of missing out on some income protection benefits. With the new income protection product from OnePath, expectant mothers who can confirm their intention of returning to work within 12 months may be eligible for Guaranteed or Flexi-guaranteed income secure cover whereas previously they would only have had access to Indemnity cover.

Part time employees may also be eligible for income protection cover which would have been previously denied. Now expectant mothers who are returning part time may be considered for indemnity cover. With these new guidelines and policies there are a few conditions including minimum number of working hours and the usual insurance underwriting restrictions apply.  Parenthood is all about flexibility and now you can apply the same principles to your insurance protection and help to safeguard the future of your growing family.

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