It has traditionally been difficult to get affordable income protection insurance if you engage in activities that are considered high risk, for example trail bike riding –  but AIA Australia has provided trail bike riders with income insurance at standard rates since 2004. Several insurance providers offer income protection for trail bike riders, but it’s common for there to be a loading fee.

The reason why income protection for trail bike riders can be hard to find or incurs additional fees is that it’s an inherently hazardous activity. An office worker with a perceived low risk becomes a high-risk client if he or she is a trail bike rider. The same is true for a number of high risk hobbies including surfing, mountain climbing and bungee jumping.

Insurers like AIA Australia do not believe people should be punished for having a pastime that is generally a healthy pursuit, which is why they don’t charge extra to protect trail bike riders.


Thanks to insurers like AIA, hobby trail bike riders covered by a suitable income protection policy can have peace of mind that if they do have an accident while riding and are forced to take time off work and receive medical treatment, they have financial protection in place.  Competition riding however is usually excluded from income protection plans.

To lessen the severity of an accident and reduce the chance of needing to make an income protection insurance claim, trail bike riders should practice recommended safety measures, such as wearing the correct safety gear including a helmet, gloves, padded suit, boots and body armor, as well as sticking to state approved tracks.


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