Have you ever thought about insuring your income? If no, you are not alone since many income earners tend to overlook this important type of Insurance.

Your income covers your needs and some luxuries in life.  If you are the sole breadwinner in the family, your income is not solely for your needs but also for the entire family. So, what do you think will happen to you and your family in the case of accident or illness? You might end up losing all your savings because of this, or worse you may be overwhelmed by debts during the duration when you are not able to work because of your illness or injuries.

Don’t let this happen to you – protect your income with Income Protection insurance today.

Income protection provides you with the financial assistance that you need in times when you are not capable to work for a certain period due to sickness or injury. Medical costs today are expensive, and if your not covered by any insurance, chances are you may lose your life savings just to cover the expenses. But the expenses do not end there – how about rehabilitation and your daily living expenses? Without your income to help you pay for all these, life will be totally devastating and stressful to the point that you feel like losing your sanity because of too much pressure. It is even more difficult if you have dependents that rely on your income for daily needs.

“Prevention is better than cure”, as people always say. So as early as now, it pays to get Income Protection coverage to be prepared for the worst. Talk to an adviser today to learn more about Income Protection insurance.

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