Why do people need to take out Income Protection insurance? It’s simple! It’s to ensure that you protect your income which services your commitments and maintains your living standards.

You protect your house, your car, by having insurance coverage, but don’t you realise, that without protecting your income, any of this will not be possible?

With your income protected by Income Protection insurance, you can:

  • Decide how long the waiting period is before you start receiving payments.
  • Have benefits paid on a monthly basis in case you get sick, injured or rendered unable to work.
  • Determine how long the payments period will last while you are still unable to work.
  • Enjoy a guaranteed benefit period which only you can cancel.
  • At an added cost, opt to enjoy additional benefits such as Superannuation costs coverage, benefits paid for accidents during the waiting period and be reimbursed for rehabilitation costs.
  • In case of inflation, you can be sure to enjoy automatic increase of monthly benefit.

If you want to be assured that you have financial security for you and your family, purchase Income Protection insurance .

In Australia, Income Protection premiums are Tax Deductible. So give us a call now and let us help provide the best Income Protection that fits your needs.

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