Life Insurance – Should You Go for the Lowest Premiums?

When you shop for Life Insurance it can be quite tempting to buy the policy with the lowest premium.  However, this may not be the best move as lowest premium does not always mean the best deal. Yes, you may enjoy savings now, but later on, you may realise that the coverage you have is not suited to your needs.

Low Premiums = Low Coverage?

In general, the higher the amount of coverage, the higher the cost of the policy, however it is possible for you to get lower rates with adequate coverage. Why? Because there are lots of factors that insurance providers look into before they decide how much your cover will be. If your personal information and background satisfy requirements, you are likely to get a lower rate with the coverage that you need.

Another way that you can enjoy lower premiums is by choosing a Term Life with a shorter term. Since the insurance provider allows you to cover for a shorter period, it’s also cutting down risk, which means that the shorter the term, the less likely you’ll die during that period. So, both you and the insurance provider benefit from this arrangement – low premiums for you, less risk for them.

If you don’t want to go about choosing a shorter term, you can also lower your premiums by selecting a lower death benefit amount. This depends on your insurance provider because some providers do not give lower premiums for a lower Death benefit. Most of the time, they still consider the length of the term – so, it’s likely that you’ll still get high rates if you choose a longer term.

Maximising your Money’s Worth

Policyholders have one thing in mind when buying Life Insurance – to purchase a policy that can cover all of their needs in case of death, at a rate that they can afford. Hence, they shop around, request quotes, and compare them.

If you happen to come across a policy with a lower premium, you better think twice before purchasing it. Why? Because it might be too good to be true. Again, lowest premiums does not necessarily equate to the best deal. It’s really not a good idea to buy the first policy with the lowest premium, because there might be a better option waiting for you. Choose wisely to maximise your money’s worth.

Finding the Right Coverage Without Overspending

As much as possible, you don’t want your family to suffer financially when you die. The challenge is “How do you think you will find the right coverage within your budget?” First instinct tells you that the higher the coverage, the higher the premiums. That’s true to some extent. But the good news is that you can always find the right coverage at a reasonable rate.

So, what to do? The answer is simple – use a Life Insurance calculator to help you calculate how much coverage you need to cover expenses. Once you know the right amount of coverage for you, you can proceed to the next step – requesting free quotes online.

Many insurance providers offer free quotes, so make sure to take advantage of them. Once you have them, start comparing each quote based on the following: coverage, premiums, term, benefit amount, and exclusions. That way, you can find the right policy that best covers your needs.

Remember, Life Insurance with lowest premiums does not always mean that it’s the best deal, so it’s really very important that you weigh up your options prior to buying.  Take time to compare options before purchasing.

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