Income Protection Insurance for Amateur Footballers is now available

Playing football is a Australian tradition but most Australian Insures shun their back on our great football players when it comes to providing Income protection Insurance. They will offer a Income protection policy although with an exclusion if you have an accident on the field you won’t be covered.

But one Australian Insures AMP has turned the Life Insurance upside down and decided to offer Income Protection Insurance to amateur footballers. This I great news given that in (1) 2005 over 2.4 million people participated the sports of Soccer, Rugby Union, Rugby League, and Australian Rules Football.

As an adviser this great news given that when we come across clients who want to be protected 24 hours a day under their income protection Insurance we now have a quality Australian Life Insurance company who can offer favorable terms. These include:

AMP has very favorable terms for amateur footballers and these include:

  • Your choice of waiting and benefit periods
  • No loadings or exclusions
  • The availability of our Day 1 Accident Option

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