“I’m sorry but you’ve got cancer.” We’ve heard this line so many times in Australia. And perhaps, you’ve heard it yourself when someone you know was diagnosed with the big “C” in the past. If the feeling was quite unbearable when the doctor told this line to someone you know, what do you think it would feel like if it were you in the picture? For sure, you’ll be shaking your head in disbelief – and the truth won’t sink in until you start seeking treatment. And when the medical expenses start to pile up, that’s when you’ll wish you secured yourself with Trauma Insurance.

Also known as Critical Illness Insurance, Trauma Insurance covers serious illnesses that some Health and Life Insurance plans do not cover. From Cancer and Heart Attack to Coronary Bypass and Stroke, you can very much file an insurance claim in Australia if you have some form of Critical Illness Insurance. And unlike in Life Insurance where your family gets the benefits in the event of your death, here you get to claim a lump sum upfront not because you are going to die but because you are going to live. Yes, it’s all about survival, as it acts as financial aid to cover medical costs and provide financial support during this very difficult phase of your life.

Suffering from a critical illness such as Stroke, Cancer, and Heart Attack can bring a significant impact not just physically and emotionally but also financially. Do you know how much is the cost for the treatment of these illnesses? Laboratory tests alone can already put a large dent in your wallet, much more if you’ve got a family to support – this illness will definitely deplete your savings in just a matter of weeks or months. Don’t let this happen to you – survive the big “C” or any Critical Illness at that financially by getting Trauma Insurance coverage while you’re still in prime health.

Where to get this? This provides you more convenience – simply request for Trauma Insurance Quotes, compare them, and choose the coverage that fits your needs.

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