Trauma insurance is a form of insurance that pays a lump sum to the policy holder when they are diagnosed with a serious illness that is covered by the policy.

Here in the mighty land of Aussie we have a fantastic lifestyle, with everything at our finger tips. It seems like the future is a bright burning star and that everything is just going to keep getting better. Generally speaking, this is true, we have a golden future ahead of us, and we are all going to benefit from it.

However, one frightening statistic is that over ninety percent of Australian families, that’s right, ninety percent, do not have the correct insurance they would need if one of the income earners got seriously sick. In fact, only a quarter of Australians could even maintain a similar lifestyle for more than six months if something serious were to happen. It is not a nice thought, but every year, tens of thousands of people are temporarily and permanently forced from the work force due to some form of illnesses.

If you do not have adequate protection or life insurance, then it is time to start thinking about it. If you are the major income earner, you need to protect you and your family from the vagaries of life, as you never know what is around that corner. That is why you should look into getting trauma insurance.

Trauma insurance pays out a lump sum of money when you are diagnosed with a serious illness that is covered by the policy, including all the major illness and conditions that strike most Australians down, like heart attacks, strokes, malignant cancer and coronary artery bypass surgery. In fact, the preceding list covers roughly ninety percent of claims, meaning that if you get trauma insurance and get sick, it is more than likely that the policy will cover you. It is widely available to anyone between the ages of 19 and 59 and the money can be used to cover medical expenses or any other expense, like mortgage repayments.

For peace of mind, for security, you should get trauma insurance, if not for yourself, then for your family. It is a savage world out there, and when you get sick, you will find how hard it can be to meet ends, so get trauma insurance and be ready for anything.


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