We often hear the term life insurance but many of us do not really understand when we get the benefit and how it helps. Basically a life insurance policy taken by any member/members of the family is like an assurance to the dependents of the same that they are not left alone and without any financial resources. That is, the dead person has already sensed the potential threat if he or she is not around his/her family member and therefore has made an attempt during his lifetime, to minimize the threats as much as he can. The world speaks on the basis of one’s financial status, and therefore insuring a family through capital means is very logical.

Even in life insurance, there are two types. One is the whole life insurance and the other is the term life insurance.

The term life insurance is affordable for a person since it is for a period of time. This term may range from as low as 5 years to 20 years. A monthly fee is required to be paid to the insurance company for the term of the insurance. It is demanded by the people in order to safeguard their spouse and children at the time of their permanent absence.

Whole life insurance as the name suggests, on the other hand does not have a specific term for the expiry of the insurance but it is provided to the dependants of the insured person , by the insured company, at the time of death or any other serious illness (if mentioned in the insurance papers) of the person.

Now it is very clear that the need for insurance is to protect or minimize the threats to the dependants of the insured person so that they do not suffer due to sudden death or illness of the person. This kind of insurance is like a blessing in disguise for the family of the person concerned and also the amount to be insured is dependent on the person’s own needs and preferences with a limitation that he has to pay some annual or monthly installments to the insurance company.


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