Taking that one step to insure your family and kids is probably the single most important thing you can do for them – and for the financial security of your family. If you have been procrastinating about getting insurance then it is time to make a decision. All financial planners advise that Life insurance is the best way – in fact the only way – to make sure the family can survive financially should there be a disaster.

Certainly you have to pay premiums, but when you think of the benefit this is only a drop in the bucket, especially when you get low cost life insurance. Cheap life insurance premiums do not cost the earth. And when you think of the benefit that is there waiting in case something bad happens then you realise that it is well worth it. However, before you take out the cheapest policy you can find, do some comparisons to make sure that it is the best life insurance for you at this time.

Paying just that little extra could well see your family gain some needed benefits – like a higher lump sum payout. Remember that in the event of your death there will be no more income to pay the bills, so that lump sum must be invested to provide an income to pay the mortgage payments and other living expenses. Unless the sum is sufficient to provide for this, you have really wasted those premiums.

So even though you will want to get cheap life insurance, make sure it is enough to do the work that it is meant to do; that of looking after your family in the event of your demise. In the long run, this is what counts when you have life insurance. Taking out life insurance means that your family will be taken care of, even if you are not around to do it.


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