Zurich Financial Services Australia has long been regarded as an income protection insurance provider of the highest order, as evidenced by its string of national awards. In 2011, Zurich received the Review Smartinvestor Blue Ribbon Award and the Canstar Cannex Outstanding Value award for its Term Life and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) product.

Zurich has become the income replacement insurance provider of choice for many during this time of global economic turmoil and uncertainty. For anyone wanting peace of mind in the event that they cannot work due to ill health, parental leave or any other type of forced unemployment, Zurich offers income replacement that takes into account their clients’ income history for the past 24 months, where many providers only look at the past 12 months of income.

Zurich recently simplified its income replacement policies even further, making it easier for people in any income bracket to receive suitable protection and benefits for their situation. In February 2011 Zurich announced a three-tiered approach to income replacement insurance. There are now three levels of income protection insurance – premier, comprehensive and standard. Regardless of your budget and whether you’re a high income earner or a blue collar worker, Zurich may have a suitable income protection plan.

Comprehensive cover provides a “confined to bed” benefit and special care benefit on top of standard cover, while a premier coverage includes all standard and comprehensive benefits with the addition of family support and trauma benefits. These are all built-in benefits at no extra premium. In addition there are a number of optional benefits on offer for those who are looking to tailor their income protection insurance to their individual circumstances.

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