MLC Masterkey Business Super has introduced some exciting new features to its insurance product.

Integral to its new and improved product is the Best Doctors medical information service. This service was established in 1989 to help people with significant illnesses connect to a worldwide network of leading specialists, so that they can get access to the most appropriate and effective medical advice for their condition.

MLC Masterkey Business Super members who have income protection insurance to age 65 and their immediate families can now have access to the Best Doctors service. This is an Australian first for superannuation and exclusive to MLC members. MLC pays in full for its members’ access to this potentially lifesaving service.

MLC has also streamlined its services so customers have better access to insurance products and can get increased benefits for less cost. Some of these improvements include:

–        Increase in Automatic Acceptance Limits. Clients can apply for higher insurance limits without having to give medical information.

–          Access to Total or Permanent Disability coverage for casual workers.

–          Continuation of access to income protection insurance after cessation of employment.

–          An easier way to consolidate super and insurance with an online form.


Another innovative feature is a new-look advice website called MLC AdviserOnline. This site is more user-friendly so you can easily find relevant information and make transactions. Clients can more readily access their account information, update their details, and view their statements online.

MLC also has a shorter, easier-to-digest product disclosure statement that is designed to be easier for customers and advisors to understand.


Advice warning disclaimer


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