We can all vividly remember how we felt following the impact of the GFC and severe downturn in investment markets.

Many Superannuation funds that had performed well in 2006/07 dropped dramatically in 2008/09 – some aggressive funds dropped by 50% in value.

However, markets move in cycles and now people who have money invested in cash and term deposits are feeling the pinch – with much lower interest rates.

Is there a solution that provides the better long term returns provided by exposure to quality shares and property with the flexibility and security afforded by cash investment?

Following a great deal of research, MLC / NAB have now launched the Protected Capital and / or Protected Income option which can be accessed via their award winning Masterkey Fundamentals Superannuation program.


You can choose to protect your income or your capital

You can protect your capital or income over 10 or 20 years.


By investing with Protected Capital you’ll have the:

  • Security of knowing your investment is protected – even if market values fall
  • Confidence to invest in a diversified growth portfolio
  • Potential to grow your investment and lock in market gains each year


Or by protecting your income you will have the:

  • Certainty of knowing your income is protected
  • Confidence to invest in a diversified growth portfolio
  • Potential to increase your income payments
  • Choice of when you start receiving your income once you’ve retired


How it works – you pay a small additional fee to protect your capital or income

You can invest in quality diversified superannuation portfolios with appropriate access to growth and defensive assets.


If the market falls during this time you don’t have to worry because your capital or income is protected.

When the market goes up, whatever amount your investment has increased to on your annual  investment anniversary is locked in.  This is the new minimum amount you’ll receive at the end of your term.

Protecting your capital or protecting your income (or both) is an exciting new inititative we are introducing to all CCA Beacon clients and their familiies.

Please check out the MLC website and video and call to discuss your options in more detail.




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